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How to find affordable housing in Nairobi, Kenya

The Government of Kenya has made affordable housing a priority by including it as one of
the Big Four Agenda of government. Affordable housing has been on the rise in Kenya
especially in counties such as Machakos, Kiambu and Kajiado. 
The Covid -19 pandemic has particularly hit the real estate sector hard. With many trying to
make ends meet the need for affordable housing has been high. However, the real estate
sector has developed new strategies to cushion investors and developers. Some of these
strategies include restructuring of loans, landlords reducing the rent to ease on tenants and
allowing buyers to have more bargaining power which has led to buyers with ready cash to
negotiate for huge discounts. 
House hunting in Nairobi can be difficult and frustrating. This is because it takes time and
with a busy schedule it can take a toll on you. Additionally, the risk of getting into the trap of
scammers are high because it is difficult to tell what is real or fake online and scammers use
this to their advantage. Furthermore, property seekers find themselves paying arrears left
behind by previous tenants.  
Needless to say, house hunting in Nairobi can be tedious and difficult. Propertyhapa has
ensured that house hunting has been made easier and more fun. Propertyhapa offers a wide
range of affordable properties to choose from all within your budget. It also ensures that
agents are professional and have been vetted. This eliminates any risk of getting scammed.
Their website has been tailored to be user friendly with photos attached to every property
listing. Did I mention that Propertyhapa also assists property owners to manage their
properties? This includes both residential and commercial properties. Entirely, this means
you can be living outside Kenya and you need not worry because your properties are well
managed. They have so skilfully managed to do this by using an online property management
software called ProHapa. 

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